About Us

Once I was a counselling psychologist, a peculiar profession that makes you far too fluffy for most psychologists but a bit too "what's your science on that?" for most therapists. 

Then I developed M.E/C.F.S, a highly argued about illness that rendered me unfit for most workplaces, hurrah! A decade later, chronic pain and illness have taken their toll, so I thought I'd channel the existential angst, depression, anxiety and other varying issues in my usual way; making dubious jokes about Very Serious Issues. 

For the moment, expect a blog about all things wellbeing related. In the background, I'm working with friends, family and colleagues on an irreverent design take on mental health, printed onto garments made up for you. From the oblique (black dogs) to the sublimely ridiculous ("ask me about my social anxiety!"), there's something for everyone. Because no-one is ever 100% well 100% of the time, in body or mind.