Creative Rebellion

You can probably imagine that any place where lots of teenagers are, there's lots of rules. This is extra-true when it's a heavily regulated mental health hospital and specialises in eating disorders. At one point we had to scrap the dining room rules completely and start again because, due to a tendency to specifically write a rule against each new problem, we were onto 4 sides of A4. 

Sometimes, though, we can find amazing ways to rebel against things We used to take the people who it was deemed could cope for an afternoon out once a week. On one of these trips, I realised I'd absent-mindedly left my gloves somewhere. So many possibilities there for something to go wrong . . . I turned out to have put them in the dayroom, the communal lounge, where all the folk we had had to leave stuck inside were all afternoon.

Upon spotting them I realised one was suspiciously full. Oh dear. When you work with people who have issues with food, you learn to approach certain circumstances with trepidation and, ideally, hand sanitizer, because when you hate food, you will get rid of it anyway, and anywhere, you can. To this day I can't look a freusli bar in the face, having cleaned too many of them out of unexpected hiding places.

I pocked up the glove gingerly between one finger and thumb. It was heavy, clearly full of something dense that was shifting about. Oh no. That can mean vomit. Or worse. At this point I can see two sets of previously-bored eyes hovering over the sofa line, waiting for a reaction.

I peered inside.

It was completely and utterly packed with multicoloured glitter. 

It still makes me laugh to this day - and i hope you all find a happy, glittery solution to whatever constraints and frustrations you have to deal with!

(and no, I never did eradicate the glitter!)

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  • Catherine says...

    I swear glitter is harder to get out than anything else, barring possibly dried shreddies!

    November 25, 2015

  • Tamba says...

    That made me snort with laughter! I’ve got children so have found food (and other things) in some unexpected places. With the right cleaning products,and a strong stomach, it can all be deal with it though. Glitter though? Absolutely genius!

    November 24, 2015

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