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When I was a therapist, I loved working in person; it seemed so much easier to feel what people were feeling and  think about that (they hadn't invented mirror neurons back then, so I had to rely on psychodynamic theory instead, which was terribly upsetting for anyone with an enquiringly sciency mind).

But lets face it, most health problems mean we have extra problems managing to sort out appointments and get ourselves there on time and in a fit state to use them. In fact there's a whole brand of therapy theory devoted just to how to interpret such issues!

So what about support online? I saw a recent rash of posts about it and, of course, most of my life is now lived online. It's certainly got it's limitations - definitely no empathising with people based on their none verbal communication, so it's hard if someone can't or won't talk much (maybe snapchat therapy will become a thing for online art therapists?!) but it's clearly much more accessible in practical ways.

Do you use any online methods? I've always found twitter incredibly limiting, but in the Telegraph today there's a man who found it to be wonderful for his depression!

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  • Catherine says...

    The scammers issue is pretty rife in real life therapy too, with all the variations in qualifications/accreditations/registrations. Actually, you’ve made me realise I should probably write about that! Thank you :)

    November 25, 2015

  • Krystel says...

    I’d be worried about online support purely because there are so many scammers. We don’t know if they’re legit or not. I find it quite interesting and would probably do better myself with online therapy where I don’t have to sit in front of someone and talk to them. I often feel like i’m wasting their time with my stupid little problems, and never go back. This has been going on for many years. I still haven’t found anyone to speak to, and my mental health hasn’t improved (probably gotten worse). I have to admit, knowing they would be in front of a computer and could go on their Facebook or carry on doing whatever they like whilst reading my sad little story would probably make me feel a little more comfortable.

    November 21, 2015

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